Exco Electric Ventures COR National Standard

About Us

Since 1982 we have successfully differentiated ourselves from the competitive market by adhering to five key success factors:

Relationships drive business.  We pride ourselves in establishing and fostering meaningful and productive relationships with all parties involved in the design, construction and consulting processes related to our field of expertise.  Engineers, general contractors, architects, suppliers and customer relationships are essential to providing a quality finished product, delivered on time to the customers satisfaction.

Quality workmanship and materials is the key to any successful construction project. Exco uses only the best quality materials so our customers can be confident in the products being used to power their buildings and businesses.   Exco’s employees take pride in their work, and it shows.  Through their hard work, dedication and positive attitudes – Exco has come to be one of the leaders in quality electrical contracting in Manitoba.

Customer service is our focus.  Our outstanding clients have allowed us to grow into the industry leader we are today.  We believe providing superior customer service and support during projects, service calls and post project support are key elements to earning repeat business from our exceptional current and future customers and clients.

Safety is critical in the conservation of our physical resources that drive our company.  As such, our COR Certified Safety Program is sewn into the fabric of Exco.  We maintain this rigorous safety program encompassing all employees and ensuring safe work practices and procedures are followed at all times.

Teamwork is deeply rooted within the culture of Exco’s workforce. Our team of dedicated, hardworking office staff, foreman and employees focusing on working as a cohesive team is how we have become, and continue to be, a leader among electrical contractors in Manitoba.